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The culture of Gorontalo

Hi all . .
Now i want to share about culture of own town.

In Gorontalo many culture, art,and religion. Many people are islamic (95%). Art and Gorontalo culture is an ethnic in the Celebes Island have varried territory art, dances, songs, the traditional music instrument, costums, and tradition religions ritual, traditional house, and traditional dress. Dances which well knowin Gorontalo among others are flowers dance, Polopalo dance, Danadana dance, Zamrah, and Langga dance. Whereas, songs in Gorontalo are Hulontalo Lipuu (Gorontalo is my hometow), Ambikoko, Mayiledungga (has come), Mokarawo (make a filigree), Tabulo lo limutu (In Limboto lake), Binte Biluhuta (corn soup). The musics incstrument in Gorontalo are Polopalo, Bamboo, and Gambus (six-stringed, from Arabic). Handicrapt industry (karawo). Kerawang is one of Gorontalo traditional handmade cloth. Gorontalos have traditional houses that is Bantayo Pomboide and Dulohupa. Bantayo Pomboide is taken a part as a symbol of Gorontalo culture and also has a function as a placefor the activity that related to teh art and culture of Gorontalo. Bantayo Pomboide has many rooms and each room has a different funtion, and every ornament that applies in the building symbolized every part of Gorontao in habitants activity.

The people in Gorontalo use the Gorontalo language, and consists of three dialects that are, Gorontalo dialect, Atinggalo dialect, and Siwawa dialect. But, the dominant is Gorontalo. Pulling of decline in Gorontalo is billateral, fathers, and mothers. A son or a daugther can't joke with his/her parents, but we have aboyed and respectful. The relation characteristic also be valid in brother of father or mother.

Gorontalo has traditional clothes, for example, wedding ceremony, feast celebriting, a circumcision, oath taking (for woman) guest welcoming, etc. For wedding ceremony, the Gorontalo traditional clothes is "Bili'u" or "Paluawala". The clothes consists of three colour that are purple, golden, and green. In Gorontalo customs and tradition each colour have mean or symbol. Therefor, in wedding ceremony the people of Gorontalo only used four main colours, that are red, green, golden, and purple. Red colour in Gorontalo traditional have means 'bravery and responsible', means of green is "fertility, prosperity, peacefulness, and harmony'. Golden have means as 'glory, loyality, greatness, and honesty, and purple colour have means 'elegance and authority'.

The general, Gorontalo traditional reluctant used brown cloth, because brown have symbol as 'land'. Cause, if they have used high colour. So, they are use black colour that have means 'firmness and firm spiced tofu of God'. White colour have mean 'purity or sorrow'. Therefor, society of Gorontalo more use white colour, if they are going to sorrow or house of worship (mosque). Low blue have used when 40th day of greaf, then high blue have use on 100th day of greaf.

So, the culture of Indonesia, specific in Gorontalo are very defferent with American culture. Example, when they are going in sorrow, the people of America used bleck colour dress, and they are not have greaf day celebration, and also they are not have traditional dress for wedding ceremony. Female only have use white dress, and male have use wedding cout.

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